Wearing highway safety vests in style

It was yet another reminder of the strength and work ethic of our Berryville community on the weekend of March 23-24 to see over 45 people out on a 12-mile stretch of Highway 21 South wearing wrap-around reflective vests and with orange garbage bags in hand. They filled over 130 bags in three days that will be picked up with support from ARDOT!
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Library Giving Day scheduled for April 3

Wednesday, April 3, 2024, is Library Giving Day! It is a time set aside each year to encourage patrons and library lovers to make a gift to their local library. It also reminds us that libraries, small and large, serve as a cornerstone for our communities. In addition to wellloved books and movies, libraries offer innovative programs, public computers, help with technology, and so much more. The Berryville Library is open seven days a week and offers more than 500 free programs annually, including a host of activities, events, camps and clubs for all ages.
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