Kathryn Carol Panas

Monday, May 9, 2022

Kathryn Carol Panas, resident of Holiday Island, Arkansas, was born November 20, 1941, in Riverside, California to A.C. “Mac” and Eileen (Dewey) McBride. Kathryn passed away Sunday, April 3, 2022, at Holiday Island at the age of 80.

Kathryn was born at the Stork Hospital, the first child of Mac and Eileen. She loved California, especially the sunny weather and the fresh fruit. Later, the family moved to Rapid City, South Dakota. She did not like the winter weather, nor the winter vegetables. (Her obsession with warm socks started here).

She met her husband, Theodore (a young Airman), on a blind date. They went to what nowadays we call a retro diner, but in those days, it was just a burger joint. (Her love of diner food likely started here. Or at the Kressge Department Store lunch counter. Hard to say.)

She loved shoes. At one time, her shoe collection numbered over 100 pairs, all neatly organized by form, function, and color. As her granddaughter Creighton once said, “… the right shoe completes the look."

She loved to read, especially to her children, who loved those bedtime stories. There was always a book by her chair. She loved reading in the quiet of the afternoon and could be found with a book in her lap (and sometimes a cat who had a different opinion about reading).

She loved to laugh. She loved to prank others and was sometimes pranked by her family. She took it all in stride and had a good laugh, even that time her children put those exploding cigarette loads into a pack of her cigarettes and one of them exploded while she was being interviewed by a local paper. (We laughed and laughed and laughed, and then she grounded us for the rest of the day.)

She loved Christmas. The Christmas records would come out the day after Thanksgiving and the tree would stay up until the Epiphany. She loved the carols and the ribbons and the bows and the packages. (She wasn’t overly fond of the tinsel that got caught in her Electrolux, however.) She looked great in red and green.

She loved Coca Cola. Never a coffee or tea drinker, she started her day with a can of coke. When diet Coke made its debut (in limited American markets), she wrote a letter to the Coca Cola company bemoaning the fact that she had to resort Diet Dr. Pepper (imagine!) because Coca Cola had failed to keep on trend. (She received a certificate of appreciation from the Coca Cola Company, a case of diet coke, and an invitation to the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta, which she later visited.)

She loved pizza. When confronted with a difficult situation, she would say, “let’s go out for pizza.” (Things were always better after the pizza.) She also loved a good cheese coney dog with plenty of onions and relish. And Braums. She loved going to Braums. (Everyone loves going to Braums.)  

She loved singing, especially hymns – and especially Christmastime hymns. She loved music of all kinds, but the hymns gave her the greatest joy.

She loved her family and plastered the house with photos of her children and grandchildren. Sometimes, we would move the photos around to see how long it would take her to notice. (She noticed!)

Kathryn is survived by her three children Michael and wife Kathryn, Christine Panas, and Jeffrey and wife Angela; her four grandchildren Bryson and wife Cara Panas and great grandchildren Merritt, Mason, and Marshall, Kenton and wife Alex Panas, Creighton and husband Cannon Wright, and her youngest grandchild, Sophia Panas.

She is also survived by her siblings Michael McBride, Mary Wiemiller, Colleen Strandquist, Margaret Freidlein, Roseanne Duncan, and Patrick McBride, by her many nieces and nephews (shout out to David Wiemiller, Marion Sabin, and Tyler Mcbride), and by cousins Fran Dewey Bowerman, Katherine Dewey Evans, and Diana Dewey Hayes.

She is preceded in death by her husband Theodore Panas, parents Adolphus C. and Eileen McBride, her nephews Ryan Alexander and Adam McBride, and her niece Lori McBride.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 4th, at 10:00 o’clock in the morning, at the Berryville Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the Parkinson’s Foundation at parkinson.org/Parkinson. Cremation arrangements are under the direction of Nelson Funeral Service. Online condolences may be sent to the family at nelsonfuneral.com.