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Scott Loftis is editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is SLoftis@cherryroad.com


Time for time off

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I donít dislike my job. And my office is perfectly fine.

Still, Iíd much rather be on the beach in Florida. And thatís my plan for the rest of this week.

As I write this column on Monday, my wife is already soaking up the sun. And posting photos all over Facebook that make me want to pull out whatís left of my hair.

ďOur view for the week,Ē she captioned one set of photos, looking down from a balcony onto a pristine beach and the beautiful blue and green Gulf Coast water at Panama City Beach.

Later, there were photos from Harbor Boardwalk in Destin. Miss Lisa, it appears, is having quite a fine time.

Me? Oh, Iím here. Figuratively chained to my desk, trying to get this weekís paper out.

This after spending the past few days at home alone, sort of. Just me and four dogs ó the two I adopted from Good Shepherd and the two Lisa brought along when we got married in November.

I love all four of the dogs, but they do require some time and attention.

Thereís Luna the Lab, whose primary hobbies are jumping the six-foot fence in the backyard and gulping down stray dryer sheets whenever she has the chance. The dryer sheets donít stay down, by the way, which tells you a little about my weekend.

Then thereís Snow, the nearly 16-year-old Bichon Frise. Her hobbies are more sedentary: sleeping, a lot, and waking Lisa up every two hours to go outside.

Oddly, in the three nights since Lisa left, Snow has only woke up twice at night. Iím calling that a win.

I was a very happy bachelor for many years. I became very accustomed to living alone, and quite comfortable at it. But that has changed quickly.

As soon as Lisa left on Friday afternoon, the house suddenly felt too quiet. In just a few months, Iíve gotten so used to having her there with me. I missed her immediately. I suppose thatís how it ought to be.

Lisa loves Florida. I, on the other hand, had never even been there until we vacationed there last June. Weíd already booked another trip this June when Lisa and her daughter decided to head down there this week for spring break.

I donít have nearly as much vacation time as my bride, so Iím rationing my days. But I wonít be completely left out of the fun. Iíll catch a plane at XNA on Tuesday afternoon and spend the rest of the week staring at that blue and green water.

Iím sure it will look even better in person than on Facebook. But donít worry. Iíll be back next week and write about something more serious. Next week. The rest of this week, Iím on vacation.