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Robert Cox is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is RCox@cherryroad.com.


Ready to be home

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the difficulty I was having finding a house or apartment in Carroll County.

Good news! I found one. In fact, I found three.

While I was looking at the first one —which I didn’t like, but was prepared to take — I got a phone call from another landlord who said they had an opening in Green Forest. I agreed to meet with them the next day.

Before I could leave the office to head east, I got a phone call from a third landlord saying there was a property that would be available soon in Berryville, and I could come give it a look,

I figured I’d head over on my way to Green Forest, then make up my mind.

I never made it to Green Forest. I saw the place, a two-bedroom duplex right smack in my price range, and immediately fell in love.

I signed lease papers soon after and was prepared to move in sometime in the middle of March.

Through a fortuitous turn of events — mostly attributed to the neatness of the prior tenants — I got the keys Sunday afternoon and immediately put stuff inside.

I sort of had to. My trunk’s been full since October, mostly with what our editor would describe as “nerd stuff.”

At any rate, now the hard part — or at least the part I hate — begins. I’ll be ferrying carloads of stuff across town for the next several days before making a big push on the weekend.

If all goes well, I’ll be sleeping in my new place next week. I can assure you, however, that I will be nowhere near unpacked.

See, I’m a collector. I collect books, action figures, comic books, toys ... you know, nerd stuff.

I also have a healthy collection of random tchotchkes I’ve acquired over the years. Most of them have some meaning, but others I got just because I think they look cool. This is why I have gargoyles on my bookshelf.

Sometimes, I think I have too much stuff. Then again, going by Marie Kondo’s rule, everything I have brings me joy, and thus, I must keep it.

I’m not looking forward to carting all that stuff, but I’m ready to finally be home.