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Scott Loftis is editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is SLoftis@cherryroad.com


Bobcats look like the real deal

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Berryville boys basketball coach Brent Compton wants his team’s full focus on its next opponent, whoever that might be.

That’s not a cliche. It’s a fact of life for any successful coach. Overlooking an opponent can get you beat.

As an interested observer, however, I can look ahead a little bit. And when I look ahead, I see this Berryville team making a big postseason push.

The Bobcats seem to have all the ingredients to reach the state tournament: They’re talented, experienced and extremely well-coached. They’re also very, very balanced, which makes them a nightmare for any coach trying to slow them down.

The Bobcats have a dynamic point guard in senior Kade Davidson, who returned this season after missing almost his entire junior season with a broken leg. Watching Davidson play, you’d never guess he ever suffered a major injury. He’s the complete package in a high school point guard. Davidson can score from the outside or by attacking the rim. He can also pass, control the tempo and play outstanding defense.

On the inside, the Bobcats have a major weapon in senior center Weston Teague, who’s been especially effective in the past few games. Teague had a huge game in the state tournament last season against Magnolia and his performance will be important to the Bobcats moving forward.

Of course, teams can’t really afford to double-team Teague on the inside because of the Bobcats’ dangerous three-point shooters. Davidson is a threat from behind the arc, but so are juniors Nate Allen and Jake Wilson. Junior D.J. Colbert has hit some big shots off the bench lately, too.

Double-team Teague and one of the shooters will be open. Try to guard Teague one-on-one and … well, good luck.

Teague’s presence changes things on the defensive end, too. Berryville’s guards don’t have to worry so much about helping on the inside, which makes them more effective defenders on the perimeter.

Berryville likes to push the ball and control the tempo. Teams that have given the Bobcats trouble this season have been able to slow the pace and make things more physical on the inside.

Of course, there’s still a lot of basketball to be played and a lot of factors can affect a team’s performance. Injuries can take a toll. So can foul trouble. And plain old bad luck rears its head sometimes.

But all other things being equal, this Berryville team looks like the real deal. It should be a lot of fun to watch.