Alpena announces honor rolls

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Alpena schools recently announced their “A” and “AB” honor rolls for grades 7-12 for the first nine weeks of the 2021-22 school year. The list originally published in the Nov. 9 issue was inaccurate.

Students named to the “A” Honor Roll are Jeanne Besnard, John Bray, Lily Bray, Lily Carlson, Chloe Cantwell, Hayden Coffman, Evalena Collins, Ella Curry, Olivia Doloff, Victoria Doucet, Shaylin French, Kolbie Hicks, Talia Hilton, Joseph Hulsey, Kendra Hulsey, Xandra Jetton, Ethan Lasick, Callie Lee, Heather Lowry, Tristin Matlock, Ashlynn Matthews, Christian Mikesell, Candice Moore, Re-Anna Moss, Allyson Napier, Tina Perez, Hadassah Toliver, Caleb Usrey, Kalea Valentin and Kenna Valentin.

Students named to the “AB” Honor Roll are Brendon Adams, Sterling Boyd, Donovan Berry, Sophia Bright, Brody Carlson, Demoye Collins, Sofia Coltro, Annalee Crawford, Maddox Crawford, Cierra Evans, Steven Everly, Maelee Fultz, Esteban Garces Carrillo, Lillian Harvill, Cheyenne Higginbotham, Alana Hudson, Alexis Huesca-Jimenez, Yahir Huesca-Jimenez, Bayleigh Jetton, Rhonnie Jetton, Emma Johnson, Kelsey Kolb, Candace Lambert, Abbigale McCoy, Kolby Minor, Cassidy Ohler, Isabella Phillips, Alec Roberson, Evan Sims, Paige Smith, Wilma Smith, Kaylee Stephenson, Suraya Tennison, Kyla Trublood, Rachel Turner, Savannah Updyke, Kaden Valentin, Scott Webb, Miriah Williams, Joshua Young and Zachary Young

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