Hare-raising fundraiser debuts at Christmas Gifts Galore

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The Friends of the Berryville Public Library have once again found a creative way to put the fun in fundraising. ’Tis the season to be inspired by a little magic, some dancing rabbits and a very special muffin recipe all wrapped in a story that shows what a little imagination can accomplish.

A locally written and beautifully illustrated children’s book will make its debut at the Friends’ booth at the Christmas Gifts Galore event on Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Carroll County Fairgrounds.

The Seven Lucky Bunnies and the Magic Muffin Dance tells how seven very different bunnies bonded through the shared goal of raising funds to build a new library for Bunnyville.

Although the bunnies did a lot of hard work in the kitchen, they realize in the end they forget to add the most important ingredient ... or did they?

In a tale fairly astounding in its own way, the book came together after Friends’ member Cheri White suggested writing a book to sell for the Friends’ building fund campaign. Inspired by a picture, “Seven Lucky Rabbits and the Magic Muffin Dance” drawn in 1990, she searched online over the years to see if it was from a children’s book.

Instead, she found others around the country had been inspired by the same picture, having seen it at various art fairs.

White was determined to make a book of it and over the summer she in turn inspired people from three different states, strangers to one another, to catch the spirit of our hometown library and donate their time and talent to help raise funds for a new building in a town none of them are ever likely to visit.

The result is a charming storybook that includes a music CD with “The Magic Muffin Dance” recorded and sung in 2007 by former pediatric nurse Christy Simpson, and lovely, new original illustrations by Christina Smith, the artist who drew the 1990 picture.

The bunnies have included two versions of Miss Mary’s Magic Muffins at the end of the book on a page to cut out for your recipe files.

“How we all connected and how things came together with permissions and copyrights and other issues, is a whole other story,” White said. “Every single penny spent to purchase this book goes directly into the Berryville Library Building Fund, thanks to everyone working at no charge. We’re blessed.”

The book is a limited edition and could potentially become a family tradition for years to come.

The Friends will also have their new bake sale cookbook Eat Dessert First available as well, along with — yes — magic muffins, raffle chances and more.

Visit the Friends’ booth at Christmas Gifts Galore at the Carroll County Fairgrounds Saturday, Nov. 13, and find something no big box store can offer for your Christmas shopping.

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