Samantha Jones

Sam's Notebook

Samantha Jones is a former associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers.


A truly beautiful day

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Have you ever had a day where everything lines up just right? The kind of day where the weather is perfect and you donít have to wait in line for anything? If you ask me, not waiting in line is the recipe for a perfect day. When you throw in a few other ingredients ó like good friends and a steal of a deal at Goodwill ó thatís the cherry on top.

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to experience that kind of day. It all started around 10:30 a.m., when I woke up without an alarm ringing in my ear. Gideon was already up, so I cuddled with Ghoulie for a few minutes until he bit my hand. Turns out I did have an alarm after all!

Gideon brought a cup of tea downstairs. It was cherry herbal tea, which tastes an awful lot like cough syrup gone bad. I drank it anyway, because Gideon made it for me and Iíve learned you can acquire pretty much any taste if you try hard enough. In this case, it might take a few more tries.

Then I was off to Pea Ridge, rocking out to my most favorite songs. What kind of songs, you ask? Mostly sad Indie rock ó Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Soccer Mommy and Mt. Joy ó in between a few classics by Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. If youíre wondering, yes, you can rock out to sad music. Iíve been doing it for years.

My friend Stephanie was almost ready when I got to her house, giving me plenty of time to pet her sweet doggies. Then we headed to a comic expo in Fayetteville, held at Mount Sequoyah Center. We saw tons of original art, kids in elaborate costumes and adorable dogs. My friend Ashley met up with us, and we headed to the square for lunch.

Two words: Greek food. Does it get any better than that? I ordered the grape leaves platter with four more stuffed grape leaves on the side and a cup of tomato soup. We finished the meal with a round of Turkish coffees, truly the most concentrated coffee in the world. I got a slice of baklava to go, because itís Gideonís favorite.

We walked around the farmerís market, which was closing for the day. Ashley bought fresh produce and we all bought cheese from this guy who runs a farm in Elkins. Stephanie got mozzarella in a jar and flavored feta. I opted for only one cheese, unflavored feta perfect for every salad you can imagine.

Stephanie insisted on stopping by a nearby bakery, where we each bought a loaf of sourdough bread. It was only $5 for a huge loaf! I couldnít believe it.

Ashley headed home, but Stephanie and I werenít done yet. We hopped in the car and picked up my friend Holly for a much-anticipated trip to the Fayetteville Goodwill. Stephanie hyped it up the whole way there, saying it was the best Goodwill in Northwest Arkansas.

She wasnít wrong. In less than an hour, I found two shirts, a dress, a funny book for Gideon and three records including Roger Millerís Golden Hits. The other two records were by unknown artists, but the cover art was too cool to pass up. Holly and Stephanie bought a bunch of clothes. Hollyís haul was most impressive ó†all the clothes she picked out fit perfectly in the dressing room! How often does that happen?

Then we took Holly home and said hello to her husband, Perry, and their daughter, Clio. Clio gave me a bunch of high fives and told us, ďBye bye.Ē

I dropped Stephanie off and headed home, excited to show Gideon my bounty. That night, we ate fried chicken, baked potatoes, side salad with the new feta cheese and sourdough bread.

As darkness fell, we danced badly to the Roger Miller album. Gideonís new favorite song is Do-Wacka-Do ó he played it on repeat for 20 minutes straight.

We watched a movie I barely remember and went to bed before midnight. As I drifted off, I couldnít help but smile.

If we love one person, weíre lucky.

I spent time with four people I love in just one day, so Iíd say Iím pretty darn lucky.