Letter to the Editor

Support your local library

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dear Editor,

As someone who moved to Berryville as a child in the late ’60s, I consider myself practically a native of Berryville.

The library was a cool place to hang out with my friend Judith Byler. Since her family owned Huer’s shoe store on the square, the library was just a couple doors down and we would hang out and get lost in the shelves of children’s books. 

I still remember the distinct smell of the library back then.

Fast forward to 1995 when I returned to Berryville to raise a family.  Working full time and raising two kids, time was short but I did manage to get both my kids to the library for some fun Harry Potter events and other things hosted by the library.

Both my kids loved library director Carol Ann Engskov along with the rest of the library staff who made things so much fun for the kids.

Fast forward to 2018 when my kids were grown. I retired to care for my elderly parents full time and was asked by Ron Flake to help the library “tell its story” with a goal of kicking off a $2.5 million capital campaign. Saying yes to that request was the best decision ever! 

As I’ve been working more and more closely with the library and the Friends of the Library, I am continually impressed (frankly just blown away) with the many programs that are offered to all ages free of charge regardless of socio-economic status.

During COVID, our library team found creative ways to take the programs beyond the four walls of the library. What do I love most about our library besides its people? The fact that ALL are welcome at the Berryville Library and it’s FREE!   

It is an honor and privilege to advocate for the many services that our library provides. A library is not about books on a shelf anymore.

A library, in this century, is about keeping up with digital technology and providing patrons with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to be able to navigate through life, employment, learning more about culture diversification and so much more.

A library is a free place where people can gather, where they feel welcome and safe and have the ability to explore and grow through so many different venues and avenues.

The library is one of only a handful of libraries in the nation who currently has a national exhibit on display that is free and geared to tweens and their families. A library adds so much to a city and community and is definitely a recruiting tool for prospective families moving to this area.  

As a supporter myself of the library, I challenge you to become involved in the library by joining the Friends of the Library. It’s only $25 a year per family or $10 per year for individual  to join. Becoming a Friend will help keep you informed of upcoming events and programs.   

I promise, if you take a look at the monthly calendar, you will see programs for every age! You will become as excited as I am to tell others the story of the library and the difference they are making. 

Join me in celebrating National Friends of the Library week by supporting the Friends of the Library with your time and/or your financial support.

Your investment today in the library building fund will serve this community for generations to come.  The Friends are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and donations are fully deductible to the extent of the law. 

Thank you to our wonderful library director Julie Hall, the entire library team, the boards, and the many Friends of the Library! 

You all truly make Berryville a greater place to live, work and play!  


Kristy Noble Tesch

Library Supporter