Dispatch Desk: Berryville Police: Oct. 2-6, 2021

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A list of incident reports from the Berryville Police Department:

Oct. 2

An officer responded to a reported suspicious vehicle, checked the area and found no one around.

Oct. 4

An officer filed a report on a runaway juvenile.

An officer check the area for reported barking dogs.

An officer checked buildings after an alarm.

Oct. 5

An officer separated the parties in a domestic dispute.

An officer spoke with both parties in a domestic dispute.

A reported unwanted person in a black long sleeve shirt was gone on arrival.

An officer agreed to place extra patrol in an area.

An officer provided extra patrol at an area where a stop sign was run.

Oct. 6

An officer filed a report on theft.

An officer found a report of suspicious activity to be unfounded.