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Past my bedtime

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Over the past few years, Iíve become notorious for my early bedtime.

I tend to head toward my bedroom around 7 p.m., if not earlier, with two or three bottles of water in hand and a couple of fairly large dogs in tow.

Now, that doesnít mean I go to sleep at 7 p.m. I like to relax and watch TV for awhile, but Iím usually snoozing by 10 oíclock at the latest ó earlier if I need to be up early, which is always my plan on Monday morning. I said it was always my plan. Sometimes my plans donít work out.

So there I was last night, knowing I really needed to hit the ground running this morning. But this time of year, Sunday night means football and that can be hard to resist.

To be fair, itís rare that Iím awake to see the end of any prime-time game on a ďschool night.Ē But last nightís matchup of the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs was just too much to turn down. I expected an epic game and I wasnít disappointed. Baltimore scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to beat the Chiefs for the first time since Patrick Mahomes took over as KCís starting quarterback. That kept me up until 10:15! Let the record reflect that I did get up at 7 a.m. this morning, only 30 minutes later than planned, and made it to the office a few minutes past 8. It helps that I live five minutes away.

While weíre on the topic of football, here are a few predictions for rest of the college and NFL seasons:

The Arkansas Razorbacks finish the regular season 10-2, with the only losses coming to Georgia and Alabama. The Hogs are due for some good luck this weekend against Texas A&M and some poetic justice on Oct. 16 against Auburn. Winning at Ole Miss and LSU wonít be easy, but this Razorbacks team has the right combination of toughness and strength to get it done. Sam Pittman has turned the Arkansas program around faster than anyone could have imagined.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs will have a Super Bowl rematch, and the Chiefs offense will perform much better this time around. The Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs and maybe even win a game or two and the Los Angeles Rams could be a factor as well. In the AFC, Baltimore proved Sunday night that it can beat Kansas City if it gets a break here or there and Iíve been impressed early by the Las Vegas Raiders. Itís going to be a fun season.

Thereís a strong possibility Iíll be up late again tonight. Itís Monday Night Football, after all, and Aaron Rodgers may throw for 600 yards against the Detroit Lions after laying an egg last week against the New Orleans Saints.

So if you see me dragging into the office at 10 a.m., mind your business.