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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


Reflecting on a perfect day

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Regular readers of this column know Iím obsessed with horror movies. These days, I have a companion for most every movie I want to see. Gideon is truly the best. Itís nice to have him there, but sometimes I miss going to the movie theater alone.

For most of high school and college, I was a solo moviegoer. I remember watching Last House on the Left, The Purge, My Bloody Valentine 3D and so many other flicks that no one wanted to see with me. For some films, I doubled up. I watched Cabin in the Woods twice and Scream 4 three times, all alone in the theater.

My senior year of high school, in one of many drag-out fights with my best friend, I was criticized for enjoying my own company so much. ďAt least I donít go to the movies alone like a weirdo!Ē she exclaimed. I didnít know what to say to that. Is it weird to spend so much time alone? As an only child, entertaining myself had always been the default. It didnít feel weird to me.

After I met Gideon, I never saw a movie alone again. He was so excited to spend time together, no matter what movie we were seeing. He seemed especially excited about the bad movies. There is nothing like seeing a bad movie with someone who is in on the joke.

Of course, that means Iíve traded much of my alone time for togetherness. Most days, it feels comfortable and warm to have a constant companion. Then there are days when I need to be alone. That doesnít happen too often, but Gideon is so understanding when it does.

Last week, I had an unexpected day to myself. I took my Labor Day on Friday, starting the day by sleeping until I woke up. Isnít that the best kind of morning? Then I flossed to high heaven, ran a comb through my hair and headed to White Street for the best lunch in town. You guessed it ó I went to Oscarís!

I ordered a latte, avocado salad and corn chowder. Twenty minutes later, I ordered a chicken salad salad to go ó for Gideon, of course! He devoured it when I dropped it off at the school. I told him I was thinking about getting Halloween decorations, and his coworker suggested a few stores in Rogers.

So off I went, traversing the well-traveled curves of Highway 62 West toward Bentonville and Rogers. First I hit up a few Goodwill stores ó there are so many wonderful thrift stores in Northwest Arkansas ó and then I headed to TJ Maxx, my mother ship. Would you believe that I only spent $30 there? I couldnít believe it when the cashier rung me up.

From there, I picked up some catnip and sound toys at the pet store. We recently learned our youngest kitty, Mikey, is blind. That means she needs interactive toys that crackle, ring or pop ó†anything that makes sound!

Gideon still wasnít home when I pulled up, so I unloaded the car and tossed some laundry in the washer. Sadly, Mikey did not respond to the new toy immediately. Iím guessing it needs to sit there for a few months before she discovers it. Everything comes in time.

Sitting on the screened porch with the kitties streaming in and out, I took a deep breath. It was a good day, the perfect balance of spending time alone and with others. Gideon pulled into the carport and I ran out to greet him with a big hug. He asked how my day went.

ďGreat,Ē I said, ďand now itís even better!Ē