Letter to the Editor

Do better, Carroll County

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Recently, a friend reached out to several churches in the community to try to get a ride to Walmart.

He lives down a farm road in Berryville and has no transportation. He had gas money and money for groceries and was not looking for a handout. Several churches would not help him because he was “not a member.”

Did Jesus refuse to help those who were not members of his congregation?

I am tired of churches that preach God’s mercy and grace only to thrust membership applications in the faces of any who dare to ask for the slightest bit of assistance. Nobody had to apply to receive mercy and grace from Jesus; he gave it freely.

I currently work six days a week in Branson or I myself would help him. After his fiancé died, I organized a food drive and fundraiser to help the family and just one church in a county full of dozens stepped up to help.

Do better Carroll County or be exposed for the self-righteous hypocrites that you are. 

Andrew Dziedzic