Moon calls CAPC turmoil ‘fiasco,’ submits resignation

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

EDITOR'S NOTE: Quotations from Greg Moon’s resignation letter included in this report have not been edited for grammar, spelling or punctuation.

Greg Moon has resigned from the Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission.

In a letter to Mayor Butch Berry dated Aug. 6, Moon writes that his resignation is effective Aug. 8.

Greg Moon

He chose to resign, Moon writes, after the commission “voted illegally to remove me from the CAPC when it was abundantly clear that they had no legal authority to do so.”

Moon writes that the commission later “fraudulently altered” the minutes of the Jan. 27 meeting to show that four votes were cast to remove him.

Then on April 27, Moon writes, commission chairman Jeff Carter “offered perjured testimony falsely claiming that Carol Wright verbally voted to remove” Moon from the commission.

The commission “prevented and refused” Moon the right to participate in the May 26 meeting, Moon writes, after being given copy of a court order issued that same day stating that the commission could not remove him.

Moon writes that Carter “illegally voted for his own re-nomination” on June 30, a meeting that Commissioner James DeVito missed.

“This forced Carter had to vote for himself in order to show 4 votes,” Moon writes. “You as Mayor thereafter informed Carter of the problem of him having voted for himself. This led to a third vote on Carter’s re-nomination.”

Moon writes that Carter did not give proper notice of a special meeting on July 8 where the commission voted on Carter’s renomination for a third time.

“Carter texted or emailed me on other occasions on July 8, 2021 prior to the meeting but did not mention the “Special meeting until 3:42 pm that day,” Moon writes.

Moon writes that commissioner Melissa Greene said on July 12 that the commission refused to consider other applicants to the CAPC, including Rodney Slane, Bill King and Blair Devine, “in order to make sure that Jeff Carter got re-appointed.”

“Butch, this entire fiasco stinks as do your actions, those of Jeff Carter, Carol Wright, Melissa Green and the other CAPC members other than Bobbie Foster,” Moon writes. “It is abundantly clear to me that other than Bobbie Foster, the current membership if the CAPC has absolutely no intention of allowing me to meaningfully participate in any substantive meetings of the Commission and intend to make every effort to prevent me from doing so.”

Berry, Carter, Greene and Commissioners James DeVito and Harry Meyer declined to comment. Wright and Foster did not return calls for comment.

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