CAPC commissioner living outside county?

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

In a recent court filing, attorney Tim Parker argued that Carol Wright, a member of the Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission, has never been eligible to serve because she doesn’t live in the city.

Now, evidence suggests Wright is no longer a resident of Carroll County.

Wright lived at 664 Terra Vista Drive in Berryville from March 2017 through May 20 of this year, according to a court document filed by the attorney representing her and several other defendants in a lawsuit filed by Parker. According to that court document, Wright and her husband, Cliff, now live at 160 Rockspire Road in Eureka Springs. In a hearing Friday in Carroll County Circuit Court, Cliff Wright testified that the couple lives at 160 Rockspire.

Carol Wright

Public records and Wright’s own Facebook page suggest a different story, however. According to real estate records, the Clifford W. Wright Revocable Trust purchased a 10.07-acre tract of land in Madison County for $97,000 on July 31, 2020. The trust had been listed as the owner of the property on Terra Vista Drive, but records indicate that property was sold on June 3 of this year for an estimated $550,000.

The Madison County Assessor’s website lists the physical address for the property purchased by the trust in July 2020 as “Madison 1425.”

The address listed for the trust on the warranty deed for the Madison County property is 103 E. Van Buren, No. 173 in Eureka Springs. My Office, a business that provides shipping and mailing services — including mailbox rentals — is located at 103 E. Van Buren.

Wright had previously “procured a private postal box” at the East Van Buren address when she lived at the KOA campground in Eureka Springs while her home in Eureka Springs was being built, according to the court document filed by attorney Amanda LaFever.

The 160 Rockspire address is one of several listed in Carroll County records for a 125-acre parcel owned by Rockspire Properties LLC, with a mailing address of 84 Orchard Ridge Road in Eureka Springs — another of the addresses listed for the same parcel. A single large mailbox with that address is located just off Arkansas Highway 221 South, with several vehicles parked outside a building nearby on Tuesday afternoon.

Parker recently issued a subpoena for Wright to appear at last Friday’s hearing. That subpoena was served at 84 Orchard Ridge Road, according to court documents.

Carroll County real estate records do not show any records of Carol Wright, her husband or the trust that previously owned the property on Terra Vista Road currently owning property in the county.

In a June 6 Facebook post, Wright writes: “Finally mostly established at our 125 acre site at Rockspire, Eureka Springs …”

The post includes two photos of a camper-trailer parked in a clearing.

Wright was contacted by email on June 20 and provided with copies and links to the public records cited in this report, as well as a screenshot of her Facebook post. She did not respond.

In a court document filed Monday, June 21, Parker writes that Wright “currently resides in Madison County, Arkansas just off the far southern end of Rock House Road.”

Parker represents CAPC finance director Rick Bright, group sales coordinator Karen Pryor, former interim director Gina Rambo and former special events coordinator Tracy Johnson, as well as Greg Moon, whose removal from the commission in January was ruled null and void last month by Carroll County Circuit Judge Scott Jackson.

Defendants in the suit are Wright; Eureka Springs mayor Butch Berry; his assistant Kim Stryker; CAPC commissioners Patrick Burnett, Jeff Carter, James DeVito, Melissa Greene and Harry Meyer; along with two insurance companies that provide policies to the city.

At Friday’s hearing, Jackson ruled that Wright is eligible to serve on the CAPC as a resident of Carroll County. Parker said he plans to appeal that ruling, and he filed a motion Monday asking Jackson to reconsider.

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