Letter to the Editor

Clean up A.L. Carter Park

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I am the parent of three kids who have spent countless hours on the A.L. Carter baseball and softball fields. I have worked concessions and raked fields myself at times.†

The disrepair that this park has fallen into is ridiculous. While the Bobcat HS played on the fields I have repeatedly apologized to our visiting teams for the condition of the bathrooms. They literally had the same crap smeared on the wall for two years.†

Our boys and girls still need these fields for practice and even some for games later in the summer† At this time the interest for baseball is high and many have signed up. Fix the fields! Make it a place for the Berryville kids to play ball well. Do your part for these youth. My son is going to college right now on a baseball scholarship and whoís to say some other kid canít do the same? They deserve the chance to try. Right now it is nearly impossible to be able to practice on the large baseball field.†

If money is an issue, get a grant. They are available to the person who will take the time to write for one. If you donít have anyone, pay for a grant writer, this is much cheaper than funding the entire project.

We simply need someone to WANT to help.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.†

ó Misty Gregory