Dispatch Desk: Berryville Police: March 27-April 1, 2021

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A list of incident reports from the Berryville Police Department:

March 27

An officer told a driver to leave the area.

An officer found no reason to stop a reported erratic driver.

An officer provided extra patrol at Saunders Heights.

March 28

A bondsman requested assistance and an officer remanded the issue to deputies.

March 29

An officer attempted to locate a suspect in a traffic accident.

An officer could not make contact with a subject for a welfare check.

An officer was unable to locate a shirtless subject killing turtles.

An officer was on standby for traffic control.

March 30

An officer took information for a report on a hit and run.

An officer issued citations to two subjects that were fighting and advised they stay away from each other.

An officer took a report on a disturbance between two subject.

An officer issued a citation for leaving the site of an accident.

An officer found a reported suspicious person was just picking up trash.

An officer responded to reported suspicious activity and all was fine.

March 31

An officer took information for a report.

A subject was arrested.

A domestic dispute was resolve on the scene.

April 1

An officer filed a report on a hit and run.

A subject was arrested after a domestic dispute.

An officer filed a report on a vicious dog.

An officer issued a warning during a traffic stop.