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Scott Loftis is managing editor for Carroll County Newspapers. His email address is CarrollCountyNews@cox-internet.com


Spring has sprung

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Saturday marked the official first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and although it snowed briefly in Berryville less than a week ago, the signs of spring are everywhere.

The daffodils are blooming, pastures are green again, the branches on the willow tree in my front yard are no longer bare and the birds have discovered the new feeder on my back deck.

Twenty years ago, I likely wouldnít have noticed or at least paid much mind to any of those things, but the older I get the more I appreciate lifeís simple pleasures.

Another one of those simple pleasures ó although itís more accurate to describe it as a simple treasure ó is time spent with my sons and grandsons. My oldest son Ronnie and his family came to visit over the weekend, and we made the most of the gorgeous spring weather.

My grandsons are growing up faster than I like ó Hayden will be 12 next month and Liam turned 5 last December. Theyíre still young enough, of course, to have an endless supply of energy, and it was on full display. We spent some time at the Berryville Community Center playground and Hayden got to drive my old pickup around a church parking lot (under close supervision from Ronnie).

I got to spend some quality time with Ronnie, too. We visited the Luther Owens shooting range on Sunday for a little target practice. Iím not a horrible shot, but Ronnie carries a gun for a living and his training and military background are pretty obvious. We also threw the football around a bit Saturday afternoon until a pass got away from one of us and smacked poor Liam on his blind side. For the record, I wasnít the one who threw the errant football.

We had steaks for dinner Saturday night, then a big breakfast on Sunday morning. Ronnie was kind enough to assemble my new propane grill that afternoon, saving me an untold amount of time and frustration.

Even my rescue dog, Ivy, got in on the fun. Ronnie and family brought along their dogs Moose and Bear. Moose is a Siberian Husky, while Bear is a shepherd mix and Ivy is a black-mouth cur. Thatís three decent-sized dogs ripping and roaring all over the house and the back yard. After Moose and Bear departed for North Little Rock on Sunday, Ivy essentially slept for 18 hours straight.

Pretty soon, Iíll be able to make the trip south to see Hayden and Liam play baseball. Because of COVID-19, I missed out on Liamís first year of T-ball last season, but Iíll get my second shot of the Moderna vaccine next week and I should be good to go by the middle of April.

Of course, spring does have its downsides. I need to get my yard mowed ASAP, and Iíve got to come up with some sort of solution for the flies that are already threatening to take over my house. Iíve never seen as many flies as we have in Carroll County. I have a good idea why they are so prevalent here, but I try not to think about that.

Still, all in all, itís a wonderful time of year. Spring is in the air, and I couldnít be more excited.