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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


Impeach President Trump

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

O n Wednesday, Jan. 6, President Donald Trump spoke to his supporters at a rally near the White House while Congress met at Capitol Hill to certify Electoral College votes that would make Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States.

Trump again reiterated the false claim that the election was stolen from him and encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol building.

So of course they did. Waving their MAGA and Confederate battle flags, Trump supporters forced their way through barricades and entered the building. Lawmakers were hastily evacuated, and for good reason. The mob brought with them weapons and racist imagery. One supporter was photographed hanging a noose outside the building ó we all know what that means.

Another supporter was photographed holding a large amount of zip ties. What do you imagine he planned to do with those zip ties? Iím sure that if Congress wasnít immediately removed from the building, the mob would have taken hostages and assassinated some lawmakers.

Thatís not a baseless idea. As the mob pushed its way through the building, some chanted, ďHang Mike Pence.Ē One woman was shot and killed by security as she tried to climb past a barricade into a hallway where Vice President Pence was hiding. Other rioters broke into lawmakersí offices and stole their mail, among other things.

When politicians asked Trump to tell his supporters to leave the building, Trump posted a video on Twitter telling them to go home. He also repeated the false claim that the election was stolen from him and told the rioters that they were ďvery specialĒ and he loved them. Ivanka Trump posted on Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet, calling the rioters patriots.

To be clear, there is nothing patriotic about what went down at the Capitol that day. Trump has incited violence his whole presidency, and this time his supporters took him seriously. He asked them to storm the Capitol and they did. He repeated that he won the election, even though President-elect Biden won by a landslide, and they believed it.

This isnít a Democrat-versus-Republican situation anymore. Trump was clearly fine with Republican lawmakers getting injured or even murdered in the attempted coup. After his lawsuits challenging the election failed and his advisers told him he wouldnít have a second term, this was Trumpís last-ditch effort to remain in office.

Itís an insurrection. Itís a call for another Civil War. Itís downright treasonous, and Trump shouldnít be allowed to be in charge for one minute longer. Since Wednesday, there have been several news stories stating that efforts to impeach Trump are underway. Thatís one of those things I wonít believe until I see it.

Even though he was fine with Republican lawmakers getting hurt in the riot, several of them still voted to challenge Bidenís win in Arizona. Thatís so shameful there are barely words for it.

As I wrote last November, there is no evidence that Biden stole the election. Trump simply failed to get the votes for re-election, and he decided to challenge the core of our democracy to overturn the results.

Why impeach him when he has so few days left in office? Well, impeachable behavior is impeachable no matter when it happens. Trumpís political career should end now. Our lawmakers should set the precedent that attempting to overturn a fair and free election is unacceptable. Iím afraid all these things that should happen wonít because of Trumpís cult of personality ó if so many Republicans have supported his behavior over the past three months, why would they stop now? Some have made it clear where their allegiance resides, and itís not with America.

Since the riot, Iíve read about how Antifa and Black Lives Matter staged the riot. According to this theory, Antifa supporters created profiles on Parler planning the insurrection, dressed up in their best MAGA gear and stormed the Capitol to frame innocent Trump supporters. It seems to me that some folks who donít like the facts are content to lie to themselves, to spread conspiracies that affirm their way of life.

But facts are facts. On Wednesday, Jan. 6, the Confederate battle flag flew at the U.S. Capitol building as rioters did everything they could to undermine our democracy. They even fatally injured a police officer in the riot. Are you OK with that? Can you truly say itís OK for our president to incite a riot just because he lost an election?

I hope you can see the situation for what it is. I hope you are standing on the side of democracy. I hope you understand that Trumpís actions are unacceptable, and the only way forward is by rejecting his harmful rhetoric.