Samantha Jones

Sam's Notebook

Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


Snow day

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Growing up in Texas, I didnít have very many snow days. My school dismissed us if there was even a small chance of flurries ó thatís how woefully unprepared we were for winter storms. When I moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2014, I was elated at the prospect of an actual snowfall.

And the first year Gideon and I lived in Eureka Springs, it happened. We got enough snow that I had to work from home. I had never experienced that before. When I was done with work for the day, Gideon and I made snow angels and snapped a pic with our kitty cat BJ. BJ was not so excited to be there ó he retreated inside as soon as he could, and heís the kind of cat that constantly tries to escape outside!

To my dismay, that was the only big snow we got for a long time. The past few winters have been dry and downright warm some days. At some point, I started to wonder if our arrival scared the winter weather away. Weíve had so many snow forecasts over the past five years that didnít pan out, so when Gideon told me it was going to snow this past Sunday, I didnít believe him.

Well, seeing is believing. I woke up Sunday morning to see huge flakes of snow coming down. That snowfall continued for hours before it started to taper off. Even then, light snow showers continued into the night. Gideon and I played board games, drank hot chocolate and snuggled with our cats as the snow accumulated. By the end of the day, we must have accumulated five or six inches!

Itís no secret that 2020 hasnít gone as planned for any of us. Nobody expected a pandemic to halt life as we know it, but it happened. Weíve all had to slow down a little bit and embrace a simpler life. Gideon and I have gotten to know each other better in 11 months than we did in five years. Itís been illuminating and heartbreaking and everything in between.

So waking up on Sunday morning with snow coming down and spending the entire day watching it accumulate was especially wonderful. Itís the first snow weíve had in our home, so we watched it fall in our front yard instead of a big blacktop parking lot. Thereís something about snow ó it makes everything feel pure again. A snow day is a lot like a clean slate. You can relax and rejuvenate. Thereís no place to be besides right where you are.

Despite the pandemic, many of us have continued to work throughout this past year. Weíve had to change the way we do things, sometimes to the point of frustration. Working from home isnít exactly a breeze, nor is grocery shopping or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. The simplest things are complicated now.

I look at the snow day as a gift to all of us. Itís a thank you for trudging forward throughout a difficult year. Itís a reminder that sometimes we can self-quarantine and itís peaceful, not stressful. It sure took a while to show up, but I am thankful for the snowfall.

I hope you all had a wonderful snow day, and I am wishing you continued peace and happiness.