Green Forest School Menus, Sept. 14-18, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Monday, Sept. 14

K-5 Breakfast: Super donut and string cheese

6-12 Breakfast: Donuts

Lunch: Pig in a blanket, sweet potato wedges, salad, sidekick

Tuesday, Sept. 15

K-5 Breakfast: Waffles

6-12 Breakfast: Tornados

Lunch: Fajitas, pinto beans, corn, mandarin oranges

Wednesday, Sept. 16

K-5 Breakfast: Breakfast pizza

6-12 Breakfast: Chocolate chip mini waffles

Lunch: Biscuit & gravy, sausage, hashbrown, grape tomatoes, strawberries

Thursday, Sept. 17

K-5 Breakfast: Tornados

6-12 Breakfast: Chicken biscuit

Lunch: Ravioli, salad, corn, breadstick, fruit

Friday, Sept. 18

No school

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