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Sam's Notebook

Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


Enjoy the view

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Last Friday, I talked to my grandparents for about an hour. I hadnít spoken to them much since Christmas, so it was good to catch up. They asked about the house Gideon and I recently purchased and I told them all the details.

It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a screened-in porch and a view of the lake depending on the season. Once all the leaves fall away, weíll have a seasonal lake view. Papaw BoJack talked about how excited he was for us, and Mamaw Sharon mentioned that sheíll think of us when she watches HGTV shows about finding the perfect lake house.

ďOh, itís not as nice as those houses,Ē I said.

She then reminded me of all the words I used to describe it.

ďIt sounds pretty nice to me,Ē she said.

Hearing that was a game-changer. I didnít realize that I was downplaying our home, but I definitely was. In fact, Iíve downplayed all my excitement about the house ó in essence, denying the fact that it is a very big deal.

When our offer was accepted and we signed the contract, I kept reminding Gideon that it could still fall through. When we started moving boxes, I was focused on moving furniture. When we got all the furniture in place, I became preoccupied with unpacking. When the unpacking was finished and we were all moved in, I started to worry about killing the plants our realtor got us as a housewarming gift.

Do you see the pattern? Any time I overcome stress, I immediately focus on the next stressful thing. Nobody is sitting around judging me for taking my time unpacking or forgetting to water the plants one day, so why am I so dang hard on myself? Why canít I relax and give thanks for all the beauty in life, instead of worrying about cherry-picked instances of ugliness? Sometimes I think I am my own worst enemy ó Iím sure a lot of you can empathize with that!

After the phone call with my grandparents, I made myself a deal. Iíd start walking around the neighborhood and saying hello to the deer that frequent our lawn. Iíd sit on the screened-in porch and enjoy the fresh air without thinking about how dusty the floor, ceiling fan and walls are. Iíd take a moment to enjoy whatís around me. No negative thoughts, and especially no negative words.

Weíre all blessed with something we take for granted. Some of us might take more than one thing for granted. If youíre anything like me, you take a lot of things for granted. Iím not sure thereís a cure for that, but Iíll try to find it anyway. After all, whatís the point of life if you donít see the beauty in everyday happenings?

Gideon and I are so lucky to have our dream home in our dream location. Our home is a reflection of our hard work and the love we share, and thatís something I should never take for granted. So this week, Iím going to spend some time sitting on our porch listening to the birds and the trees. Iím going to play with our cats and go for long walks around the neighborhood.

Iím going to enjoy the life Iíve got, because it sure is beautiful!