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Ready for baseball

Friday, February 28, 2020

If you read this column regularly, you know that Iím a huge sports fan. I started my career as a sportswriter, and Iím fortunate to be in a job now where I get to write about sports in addition to my duties as managing editor.

This time of year is especially busy for high school sports, with local teams competing in postseason basketball tournaments and the state wrestling championships being held this past weekend.

I love covering our local teams and Iíve thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of my job the last couple of weeks. I sincerely hope that both the Berryville Bobcats and the Eureka Springs Lady Highlanders are getting ready for state tournaments at this time next week.

Away from work, though, this time of year is challenging for me as a sports fan. I love basketball, but I need to have a rooting interest to really enjoy a game. I canít turn on the TV and watch Marquette vs. Purdue. It just doesnít hold my interest. Nor do I really enjoy watching NBA games, at least until deep into the playoffs.

The good news is, the University of Arkansas basketball program is on the rise. The Hogs may still be a year or two away from really being a national factor, but itís coming. I miss those days, and I look forward to their return.

Until then, though, the time between the Super Bowl and Opening Day of baseball season is pretty frustrating for me as a fan.

The good news is that spring training is underway and there are already some games being played. Iíll probably watch some spring training games, but what Iím really looking forward to is real baseball that counts in the standings.

I also look forward to the warmer weather that usually arrives not long after baseball. Hopefully, Iíll get the chance to catch a game at Baum-Walker Stadium on a warm Sunday afternoon before too much longer.

And of course, Iíll be watching my beloved Cubs. My expectations arenít high this season, but thatís OK. At least Iíll have something to watch.