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Chiefs’ late show is worth the wait

Monday, February 10, 2020

For a long while Sunday night, it seemed as if the biggest Super Bowl highlight — for me, anyway — was my crockpot chili.

The chili has become a tradition, as has the newsroom Super Bowl party at my place. I tweaked the recipe a bit this year, and the result was delicious. If I do say so myself.

But I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by the first-half performance of both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The first half ended in a 10-10 tie and neither team played well at all offensively.

I didn’t see the halftime show (but I did record it) since I was cleaning up like a dutiful host. When I got back to my recliner for the third quarter, I was disappointed to see Kansas City’s offense continue to sputter while San Francisco got a touchdown and a field goal to take a 20-10 lead.

The 49ers still had that 10-point lead with 8:53 remaining in the fourth quarter, and things were looking bleak for Kansas City. We’ve all learned not to count on the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, but the San Francisco defense seemed to be in control.

All that changed, though, on one play. Facing third-and-15 from the Chiefs 35, Mahomes took a deep drop after a Shotgun snap and launched a deep pass to Tyreek Hill — the NFL’s fastest man — for a 44-yard gain to the San Francisco 21.

After that, it was all Chiefs. Four plays after the bomb to Hill, Mahomes threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce. That was the first of three consecutive touchdowns for the Chiefs, who turned a 10-point deficit into an 11-point victory.

How quickly and how completely did Kansas City’s fortunes change offensively? Look at it this way: The Chiefs finished with 397 yards of offense on 75 plays for the game; they had 172 yards on 13 plays starting with the long completion to Hill.

I’m not a Chiefs fan per se, but I do admire the consistency of coach Andy Reid, and who doesn’t marvel at the things Mahomes can do with a football?

It took a little while Sunday night, but the Chiefs offense put on a show that even overshadowed my special Super Bowl chili.