Hip, hip, hooray! BV cheerleaders get bid to nationals

Friday, January 24, 2020
The Berryville cheer team poses for a photo before departing for the state competition in December. The team has been invited to compete at nationals next month in Florida.
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By Haley Schichtl


The Berryville cheer team has been invited to compete at nationals, and senior Jacey Howerton was selected as an All-State cheerleader.

“I was nominated for it and it was voted on. It was a really big honor that I was even nominated,” Howerton said. “I was nominated [at the state competition Dec. 21 in Hot Springs] but I wasn’t told until two weeks later.”

“She was nominated based on her sportsmanship and leadership,” cheer coach Cierra Woodruff said. “I don’t know for sure if she’ll do something more from there or it’s just a recognition.”

The Berryville cheer team took fourth place in their classification at the state competitions.

To go to the national competition, the cheerleaders have to get school board approval and raise money for the trip. Nationals will be held in February at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

“It would be really great for us, because all the times I’ve been cheering, we’ve never had the opportunity to go,” sophomore Makayla Durrance said. “Especially since I don’t remember any team at Berryville going to nationals.”

Senior Mattie Fancher said there were only eight teams at the state competition, but they were good teams.

“We went against this one team that we always got second place to, like every competition we got second place, then at state, we beat them by like two or three places, so it was really nice,” Fancher said.

Junior Kaylin Rains agreed that beating someone they had never beaten was a big deal.

“We beat Gentry so we’re all super excited,” Rains said.

The girls all knew that they had done a great job at the competition after performing.

“After we got off the mat, I felt like we did the best that we had ever done that season,” senior Eva Weege said. “Other times, our stunts wouldn’t hit, or we’d be just a little bit late, but that time was perfect.”

“It was probably the best performance we’ve ever had,” senior Hannah Blitz said. “All of our stunts

hit, everything went perfectly.”

Sophomore Emma Samac said the state competition was one of the most exciting things she has ever done.

“It would be an honor to be able to represent the Berryville Bobcats all the way at Disney World,” Samac said. “And to do it with a team I call family.”

Durrance said cheer is not supported as much as it should be, though a big part of their job is supporting other teams.

“Nobody really supports us, but we support them in a way,” Durrance said. “People wouldn’t want to drive that far, which I understand. It would be really great to go to nationals so people can see us on TV!”

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