Thanksgiving dinner: Berryville Elementary hosts meal for students

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Servers including school board member Leeann Ashford (third from left) prepare trays of food for Berryville Elementary School students and Principal Kelly Swofford during the school’s Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

By Haley Schichtl

Berryville Elementary had a Thanksgiving dinner for the students Thursday, a week before the holiday, which included festive getups and several visiting parents.

School board president Chad Hipps serves pie at Berryville Elementary School’s Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

Throughout the week, the students learned about the tradition of Thanksgiving and about being thankful, as well as a little bit about Native American culture.

As part of the school’s Thanksgiving celebration, the students each pick their own Native American name they like, and write them on a paper feather crown. They also dress up in homemade Native American-style shirts, which are dyed, cut, painted and beaded.

“The teachers take them home and dye them and [the kids] do the painting on them, and a lot of the kids do the cutting and beading,” kindergarten teacher Karen Hemlinger said. “We have a lot of books about Thanksgiving that we focus on; we talk about turkeys and pilgrims and Indians.”

Elementary Principal Kelly Swofford talks to some of the school’s students during the Thanksgiving Dinner.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

One kindergartner, Trinity Adams, chose the name “Rainbow Princess,” because rainbows are her favorite.

“You have to be thankful for your family,” Adams said. “I’m most thankful for my mother and my father.”

Another student, Lawson Hall, picked the name “Great Warrior,” and said he likes to be around family for Thanksgiving, but he doesn’t like the food.

Annlee and her mom Crystal Ashworth enjoy the Thanksgiving meal.
Haley Schichtl / Carroll County News

Berryville schools will be out for Thanksgiving break the entire week of Thanksgiving, from Nov. 25 through Nov. 29.

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