Trails study; Berryville to apply for Parks & Tourism grant

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

By Haley Schichtl

The Berryville City Council voted unanimously at a special meeting Wednesday to apply for an Arkansas Parks & Tourism grant for a trails feasibility study.

The project would cost $27,500 and the grant would cover $13,750.

Mayor Tim McKinney said the study is to determine whether people in the area will be interested in using the trails.

“The Walton grandsons have decided they’re going to make Northwest Arkansas the bike trail capital of the world,” McKinney said. “One of the things they’re studying is how we can get more people to come to our trails and develop more trails to get people to come to this area.”

Chris Claybaker, the city’s director of economic development, said the Waltons are interested in building a trail on Pension Mountain.

“They’ve been trying to work with the electric conservatory; they own a piece of property between where the Waltons are interested in and our mountain trail system,” Claybaker said. “If they ever agree to allow the Waltons to do some trails on their property, it could tie us in completely with whatever they’re doing and make us a really high-impact area for mountain biking.”

The feasibility study would help with marketing for the trails and determining uses for them, Claybaker said. The study will also look at other properties in Berryville to determine where else trails could be built, and will provide a GPS map of the current trails.

The city council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1.

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