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Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is Citizen.Editor.Eureka@gmail.com.


The perils of online shopping

Friday, September 13, 2019

They say if you go shopping with cash, youíll spend less than you would if you were using a credit card. It has something to do with seeing the money leave your wallet versus just swiping your card and going on your merry way. Apparently spending money is different when you literally feel it slipping out of your hands.

They say thatís how it works, but they clearly havenít met me. For me, any purchase is like pulling teeth. I am a meticulous budgeter, so it doesnít really matter if Iím using my credit card or cold, hard cash. Either way, I start to panic and worry I have spent too much, often on items that cost less than $50.

That must mean I donít like shopping, right? Wrong. I love the feeling of having new things. I love carrying shopping bags from the car to the house. I love putting everything away and throwing out old stuff to make room. I love it, but I hate that it costs money. Thatís why online shopping is my friend, my companion, my partner in crime.

The best thing about online shopping is you donít have to commit to anything. You can load up an online shopping cart totaling thousands of dollars just for fun. My favorite website for online shopping is Zulily. Have you heard about Zulily? It has everything from womenís clothing to luxury bedding to high-end makeup, and everything comes at a steep discount. It is a window shopperís dream.

I like to start with the clothes and pretend Iím going on a long trip across the world. So I place jackets, cardigans, tank tops, jeans, skirts and dresses in my cart. Of course you canít forget about shoes. I add boots, booties, flats and sneakers to my cart. You can never have too many shoes, after all.

Now that Iíve found a whole new wardrobe, I search for something to pack it in. I add a luggage set to my cart, then another set in case the first one breaks. Youíve gotta have a backup. My pretend trip is underway, so itís time to daydream about something else: furnishing our future home.

I imagine weíll have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Maybe one of the bedrooms will be an office. That means Iíll need a desk, a cozy desk chair and a planner. I add all these things to my cart. We already have a bed, but why not have another one? I choose a bed frame, sheet set and comforter. I throw a few pillows in there too, because you can never have enough pillows. (Fun fact: We have so many pillows on our bed right now that Gideon ends up cruelly kicking three or four off in the night. It is a travesty!)

My cart is full. My heart is full. I know what comes next. I close the tab and my wallet sighs in relief.

That sure was a close one!