Honors-bound: BV seniors accepted into UCA programs

Friday, March 29, 2019
Berryville seniors Delwin Portillo and Sarah Withers have been accepted into honors programs at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) in Conway.
Photo by Kelby Newcomb/Carroll County News

By Kelby Newcomb


Berryville seniors Sarah Withers and Delwin Portillo have received prestigious scholarships after being accepted into the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) honors programs.

Withers said she was accepted into the Schedler Honors College, qualifying for a full-ride scholarship and a private room upgrade.

Portillo said he was accepted into the University Scholars Program, qualifying for a $500 per semester stipend and a private room upgrade.

It was a shock and a relief to get it, Withers said. I feel very fortunate.

I very much agree, Portillo said. I was very proud of myself and very surprised that I actually did it.

It was a blessing for sure, Withers said.

The students said it was a relief to have some of the financial pressure of attending college taken off their shoulders.

Im way more relieved now than I was earlier on, Portillo said. Im more relaxed now that I have most of the funds set up. I can focus on the exciting parts of college.

I was stressed about trying to figure out How many hours can I work to do this and this? Withers said. Its definitely a sigh of relief, and Ill actually be able to do more hours and stuff like that because of the money.

They said the room upgrade might be more exciting than the scholarships.

Im kind of more excited about the room upgrade, Portillo said, laughing. Ive toured there before, and the regular rooms are small compared to the ones were getting.

We get our own room, Withers said, and we share a living room area and bathroom with three other students. The upgrade is worth it.

She said she chose to attend UCA because she was impressed by the campus.

I liked it better than the other colleges Ive visited, Withers said. I want to do a nursing major with a Spanish minor and then go on to nurse practitioner school.

Im double-majoring in marketing and psychology, Portillo said. What really caught my attention about UCA was the honors program and the campus in general. Its very beautiful, and I think its one of the best colleges Arkansas has to offer.

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