Kayakers rescued

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Photo courtesy of Inspiration Point Rural Fire Protection District

The Inspiration Point Fire Department was dispatched to the White River just downstream from Beaver Dam late on the night of Saturday, Sept. 15, to rescue two stranded kayakers. Despite fog and darkness, the kayakers were located on the east bank of the river across from Parker Bottoms campground. Three responders in an IP rescue boat launched from Bertrand Access and slowly made their way upstream, sometimes in less than a foot of water, to the location of the stranded individuals. The two kayakers were loaded into the rescue boat, and their kayaks lashed to the side, and the whole group made its way safely back to Bertrand, picking their way through shoals and rocks in thick fog. 8 IP responders and two trucks responded to the scene, along with a Grassy Knob truck and several Grassy Knob responders. The kayakers were a bit cold but otherwise fine. They and their kayaks were taken back to their launch point by an IP responder.