Letter to the Editor

Freedom of expression

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Today I would like to share and the sharing is given freely with no expectations of acknowledgment. We here at the moment have choices. We are free to choose as we want but sometimes just attempting to make the choice we are putting ourselves at the risk of being labeled by others who fear to make choices and would do anything to prevent our free will to be expressed.† Here in Eureka Springs I been experiencing a unique situation that is in my experience does not happen unless we cause it to happen. This situation is freedom of expression. Some donít get it but I do and so do many Eurekans. †This is what endeared me to this small hamlet and I hope that our numbers grow and we can infect other communities with this notion of free will.†It is not to pursue otherís causes but our own that we feel driven by either an earthly or supernatural force.† I wish for all of you reading this to pause and look inward to see if you need to focus your life by making a choice you will inspire others around you and the result will be a stronger community that truly believes in who we are as a community.

God Bless

≠ó Ferguson Stewart