Shott optimistic about the future

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Berryville's Charlie Archer (34) and Ethan Gregory (9) bring a Clinton player down to the ground in a game earlier this year.
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A 1-9 season isn't what Doug Shott had in mind for the Berryville Bobcats in his first year as head coach. Shott said despite the one-win season, he feels the Bobcats have laid a foundation moving forward.

"I felt like we played better than our record showed," Shott said. "We got better at a lot of things. Our kids showed a lot of resilience and we had to overcome a lot of things that happened to us this year. We had to change personnel several times this year due to things that happened. We had the (Tristan) Updegraff injury midway through the year, but we feel pretty good about things going into the off-season."

Berryville beat Decatur 61-0 to start the season. Isaac Brown ran for 115 yards and scored two touchdowns, while Charlie Archer ran for 86 yards and a touchdown as well. Luke Britt also threw for a touchdown. Shott knows the Bobcats will have to become stronger in the offseason if they are to compete at a higher level next year.

"We refocused what we are doing in the weight room," Shott said. "We are in the weight room three times a week and doing agility twice a week. We are going to be focusing on that. Getting stronger and getting quicker."

Shott was able to recruit players who hadn't played football before and heading into next year, he has already had former players come up and say they would like to rejoin the team.

"When you have kids that come on and do a good job who hadn't been in the program before, that speaks for itself to everybody else," Shott said. "We are real encouraged that the kids we had this year will be back. We also look to get several more that weren't out with us before."

During his first year as head coach, Shott was impressed with the positive attitude Berryville showed throughout the year.

"I can't say enough about our kids' effort throughout the year," Shott said. "Through all of the things that happened to us, especially the disappointing results, the kids came out week after week and did what we asked them to do. To me, that is what I will take with me and it's what I have learned about this town. That we are very resilient and hard workers."

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