Students treated and released: Green Forest school bus involved in Wednesday accident

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Green Forest School District buses was involved in a minor accident Wednesday, the district confirmed.

The Green Forest Schools Facebook page shared a post on Wednesday saying a minor bus accident had taken place involving Route 9, which is driven by Danna Wise. It says another bus delivered students to their normal stops.

Superintendent Matt Summers said Thursday that the bus was turning left with its blinker on, and an individual driving a pickup truck with a bumper hitch cattle trailer slid on the road because of the rainy conditions and water buildup.

“The vehicle did not strike the bus, but the trailer clipped the left side,” Summers said. “There was minimal damage to both.”

He said nine students were transported to hospitals to be checked for injuries.

“Four were sent to Berryville, and five were sent to Harrison,” Summers said. “The four who went to Berryville were checked out and released by the time I got there.”

Summers said the students who went to the Harrison hospital also were released Wednesday.

He said Green Forest’s bus driver was not at fault in the accident, and the other driver was ticketed.

“We are very blessed not to have any more than that happen,” Summers said. “We feel fortunate that everyone got to go home.”

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