Letter to the Editor

Why I resist

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here I am again, spending my retirement writing to my representatives instead of relaxing. Donít get me wrong, I have to do this because I cannot trust you to protect my democracy. I will continue to do this dozens of times every week along with going to resistance meetings, protests, voter registrations and citizen rights rallies until I feel my rights and freedoms and the rights and freedoms of all Americans are safe again. I have hope that this change will come in my lifetime. If not, Iíll keep it up until I die or become disabled and destitute because you have gutted the benefits that I and my wife worked so hard and honestly for.

Hopefully between the activism of millions of folks like me and the hard, critical work of honorable journalists everywhere, this era of control over my government by right wing, unethical and dishonorable white supremacists will end soon. Never in my 67 years have I felt myself and my constitutional protections so assaulted from within, and I am white and have a comfortable income. I am heartbroken for people who are not. There is a mountain of evidence that the administration enlisted Russia in undermining our elections and at every opportunity they have lied about it. Only when the facts are made public in the press do the criminals begrudgingly alter their fallacious statements and intentional omissions on security clearance documents. My own elected officials and their party are obstructing justice by dragging out the investigations into these treasons and trying to discredit investigators in hopes of getting as much of the alt-right agenda crammed down our throats as they can. †If Secretary Clinton had been elected I have absolutely no doubt that congress would be doing nothing but blocking legislation and falling over each other to impeach her over her bad judgment with her email server or whatever other conspiracy theories BriteBart might come up with. She, her husband and President Obama are certainly guilty of bad judgment but none of them are suspected of treason.

My messages to you get answered in form letters assuring me that you know best. †I have three Republican members of Congress and you all have nearly identical, party line responses on all issues. None except Congressman Womack has held a constituent meeting for months. When you do hold a public meeting you treat your concerned constituents with arrogance and disregard for their problems. Of course Senator Boozman is too bashful, too busy or too cowardly to hold any.

Before the candidacy of Donald Trump I had never been involved politically. He so offends my sense of common decency that I began working to register voters. Here is yet another right that you and your party are attacking. Between the Presidentís bogus committee on ethics in elections, minority and low-income voter suppression and gerrymandering I will have to redouble my efforts.

Gentlemen, with the patriotic efforts of individuals and organizations we may save our democracy from you. I feel we may be able to convince the two political parties to act in more honorable ways that actually promote the common good. After all, there are good people running for office in both parties who have good hearts and insist on liberty and justice for ALL. It will be the electoratesí job to replace you with them. †

I have never felt the need to lay down my life for my country, but by God I will if you donít defend it for me.

ó Mark Eastburn

Eureka Springs