BV hopes to learn from mistakes

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Playing a home game against Shiloh Christian isn't the rebound game Berryville was looking for after committing 19 penalties and turning the ball over four times in a loss to the Green Forest Tigers last week. The Bobcats are playing the hand they have been dealt as the 4A-1 conference season begins and coach Doug Shott is looking forward to the opportunity to play the Saints on Friday night.

"We must block and hang on to the football," Shott said. "We had an issue with that last Friday, but our kids know what is going on this week and we are focused on getting better ourselves."

Shott said the Bobcats are working to limit the number of penalties they commit.

"We have instituted a step-by-step process where our kids will pay a penalty," Shott said. "They understand there will be consequences if they show unsportsmanlike behavior. As far as the motion and holding penalties we got, the motion penalties is a lack of focus by our kids. Holding penalties, they pop up all the time and it seems like they pop up when you don't want them to, but we have talked about keeping your hands inside and having our body between the man and where the ball is going."

Shott said practice started out slow, but has picked up as the week has went on.

"We had the jamboree down in Harrison on Monday, but we picked things up on Tuesday and have been going strong," Shott said.

Shott said after the loss to Green Forest, he has noticed his players paying closer attention to detail.

"I have seen the kids showing a little bit more focus," Shott said. "I think that game got their attention, but we will see tomorrow night."

Shiloh Christian (2-1) has averaged 237.7 passing yards a game this season. Senior quarterback Landon Brown has thrown for six touchdowns, but has also thrown six interceptions. Jake Nelson leads the team with 167 yards receiving and Blake Thomson has 136.

"We are working on different coverages," Shott said. "Our main thing is that they have three or four kids that run 4.5, 4.6. They try to get them in space and we have to make sure we got our responsibilities covered. We have a couple defensive looks for them to try and slow them down a little bit. They are a good football team and are coached very well."

After studying the Saints, Shott said this might be the most athletic team that Berryville faces all year.

"Up and down, on both sides of the ball, they look good on paper and they look good on film," Shott said. "They have great skill and execute well. We will have to play a fine football game, but we realize they put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do so we will see what happens tomorrow night."

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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