Berryville ready for some action Friday night

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Berryville skill players work on their footwork at a practice during fall camp.
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The lights will shine bright for the Berryville Bobcats on Friday night when they take part in the Purple and Gold game. First-year coach Doug Shott is excited to see his team react to live, in-game situations.

"We are ready," Shott said. "We are tired of practice. We are ready to get the lights turned on. I think they are ready to hit somebody other than themselves, but this is the best we can do right now."

This was the third week of fall practice. Shott said Tuesday's practice was the first real disappointing day he had seen from his team.

"We talked about the goals that we set for ourselves," Shott said. "We talked about how we can't turn a switch on and off. Either you have it or you don't."

Overall, Shott is pleased with the progress he has seen thus far.

"I felt like the effort last week was good," Shott said. "I thought the kids got a better grasp of what we are trying to do on offense and defense."

At Friday's Purple and Gold game, Shott won't be looking at position groups, but will be trying to find role players who can make a difference during the upcoming season.

"We are looking for a couple of players to step in on both sides of the ball," Shott said. "Hopefully that way we won't have to have everybody playing both ways or at least all the time. We are looking at every position and we are going to evaluate that and see if there is someone who is not getting a rotation and see what they can do to help us."

Shott said the coaching staff hasn't quite figured out how the teams will be broken up for Friday night's scrimmage.

"We don't really have the numbers to split teams," Shott said. "We don't have quite everything in yet, but at the same time we know there will be people there watching us so we might just have a scrimmage of some kind."

The junior high benefit game for next Thursday will be at Harrison. Friday's senior high benefit game will also be at Harrison. Kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m. for both games.

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