Five-year plan: HISID board hears wish list for capital projects

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

HOLIDAY ISLAND—The Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District Board of Commissioners held the first of their five-year capital improvement projects meetings at the district office on Monday. The daylong meeting included reports and some wishful thinking from department heads. Final decisions are not expected before fall according to District Manager Lawrence Blood, who pointed out that last year’s budgeting required five meetings.

The requests were far-ranging and varied wildly in costs. The biggest sticker shock item was an estimated $761,000 for replacement of 37 pressure reduction valves in the district’s water system. Many of the existing valves are thought to be close to 50 years old. Severe leakage from these valves can undercut roads and building foundations. When and if the valves are purchased the job could probably be completed in about six months according to Roads Superintendent Kenny DeHart.

The second most costly request was for replacement of marina dock number one, its walkway, and extensive rehab work to the marina fuel tank and system. The cost would be an estimated $589,000. This is a long-standing request from Marina Superintendent Kolin Paulk who in earlier BOC meetings expressed an interest in purchasing the marina. The BOC declined in a recent meeting to sell the marina; however, Paulk

has pushed on with the idea of making the improvements, comparing it to other marinas on Table Rock Lake.

In other business DeHart estimated road improvements and repairs to parking lots at the Recreation Center and the Pro Shop at $258,000. DeHart also noted the need for lift station rehabilitation, repairs to or replacement of a sand type water filter and clarifier seal and paint work at a cost of about $99,000.

In golf operations maintenance superintendent Jon Prange noted equipment that he said would greatly improve efficiency and maintenance. His recommendations included updated greens and roughs mowers that would operate faster and with better results that could in some instances reduce labor time by as much as 50 percent. Golf professional Barrie Storey asked the BOC to consider not only earlier proposed plans to chip and seal the Clubhouse parking lot but to include painting the building, remodeling work both upstairs and down and a walk-in refrigerator/freezer.

Fire Chief Bob Glave pointed out that finding firefighters with the ability to operate two of the department’s older standard transmission tanker trucks has become difficult. Most drivers today are not familiar with the older and sometimes complicated shifting systems in the older trucks, according to Glave. The other problem with the trucks is that they are old and although they are generally in good condition they are depreciating in resale value rapidly. Glave estimated that replacing the tanker trucks with newer models would cost in the range of $120,000 to $145,000.

Recreation Center superintendent Janice Murphy had a list of requests for the center including painting, roof repairs, resurfacing of the small pool deck area, new water-saving quick-flush toilets, wall repairs in shower areas and exhaust fans. Murphy’s estimated costs for the work was $20,000.

These long-term budget meetings will continue with decisions expected in the fall or perhaps later.

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