Campus break-ins: Pickup stolen, school vandalized in separate incidents

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Vandals broke several glass doors and windows over the weekend at Berryville High School. In a separate incident, a school district truck containing several thousand dollars worth of tools was stolen. (Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News)

Two break-ins occurred at the Berryville School District over the weekend.

Superintendent Owen Powell said the first incident took place early Saturday morning. Someone broke into the school's bus bin, he said, and stole a red 1999 Ford pickup. The truck had several thousand dollars worth of tools inside it, Powell said.

"Our maintenance staff stores tools inside that truck, so they have them on hand as they travel between the campuses," he said. "Those tools were all in the truck when it was taken."

School resource officer Craig Hicks went to the campus on Saturday and worked on the case, Powell said.

"He's been reviewing security footage to see what he can uncover," Powell said.

The truck had not been found as of Monday, Powell said.

He said the second incident took place at about 11:15 p.m. Sunday night. Someone broke into Berryville High School and vandalized five to six glass windows and doors, several computers and a television, Powell said. He said nothing was stolen.

"The second incident was strictly vandalism and destruction. Nothing was stolen," Powell said.

He said the vandalism resulted in several thousand dollars worth of damage.

Multiple officers from the Berryville Police Department were on campus Monday morning investigating the incident, Powell said.

"They were up here today helping to solve the problem. They're helping us review camera footage and doing some fingerprints," he said.

Berryville Police Chief Robert Bartos said the department is still working to investigate the case. The school is still in the process of appraising the damage, he said.

"Somebody went in the school over the weekend and damaged a bunch of windows and computers," Bartos said. "The school is tallying up the damage. The cost of this altogether will probably be pretty high."

Both incidents are still under investigation

"Hopefully we will solve these cases soon," Powell said.

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