The season is still early, Hog fans

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When I showed up for work on Monday I knew I better be wearing black, or the closest thing to it, because Arkansas has lost for the second straight week and everyone is preparing to lower the Razorback coffin into the grave.

I am an avid football fan, and have been for years. Having grown up in Oklahoma, I don't know what it's like being a Razorback fan, but after being here for a year, and seeing how this season has started, I am sure it can be difficult. When I grew up, I had a choice to make when it came to my rooting interests. It would have been much easier for me to sleep at night had I chosen the University of Oklahoma, which has seven national championships to its name in football and eight Big 12 championships since 2000. I decided to choose Oklahoma State, a choice that has proved to be much more difficult on the blood pressure. Oklahoma State fans joke about "the poke choke," which has happened plenty of times. In 2011, we were two games away from playing for the national championship. We had to win at Iowa State and survive at home against the University of Oklahoma. As luck would have it, we actually beat OU, but lost to Iowa State. That's OK, though. I have gotten used to the disappointment and the letdowns, time after time because in the end we always find a way to sneak out a surprising win or two each year. And to all of the Razorback fans out there, a mediocre season is still possible. Will the Hogs win nine games? No. If the offensive line is able to come together and if the secondary is able to play as one, the Razorbacks are good enough to have a say in who gets to Atlanta. I know I'm not a Razorback fan, but I still think that's pretty exciting.

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