Berryville council approves church's use of square

Friday, September 18, 2015

In a 3-1 vote Tuesday night, the Berryville City Council approved a request from Faith Apostolic Church to use the public square for its Outreach Day. The event is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 26.

During the event, Mayor Tim McKinney said, the church plans to hand out hot dogs and invite people to its weekly service.

"They're going to try to promote the church a little bit," McKinney said.

Alderman Cindy George, who voted against the request, said she didn't feel comfortable allowing a specific church to use the square. In the past, George said, the city has allowed religious organizations comprising many churches to set up on the square. She cited the Carroll County Bible Reading Marathon as one of these organizations.

"I just have a hard time myself allowing something for a specific church, because somebody else I might not get along with might come in here and ask for the same thing," George said.

McKinney noted that the square is public property; if the church wanted to proselytize without offering the hot dogs, he said, that would be legal.

"That's the freedom they have in this country. We're not sanctioning it or sponsoring it or anything," McKinney said.

The council also approved a request from Carroll County tax collector Kay Phillips, to place a banner on the square informing residents of the upcoming property tax deadline.

Alderman Joel Gibson supported Phillips' use of the square.

"I think it's all right. It might remind somebody that would be late and get penalized," Gibson said.

The council discussed the fall leaf and limb pickup as well. McKinney asked that residents place their leaves on the curb on Monday of their scheduled week.

The schedule lasts from Monday, Nov. 9 through Friday, Dec. 12.

Route 1 will take place from Monday, Nov. 9 through Friday, Nov. 13 and includes: Wilson Drive, West Ridge Subdivision, Trinnen, Champion Hills, Chrisna, Nunez, Oakview, Maple, North Avenue, Railroad Circle, Spaulding, West Freeman, Elm, Walnut, Cherry, Alma, Craig, Carson, Linda, Bobo, Jefferson, Park, Freeman Switch, Boyer, Charles, Garner, Highway 62 Spur, Champlin, Industrial Drive, Ruth, Highway 62 West and Birth Tree Subdivision.

Route 2 will take place from Monday, Nov. 16 through Friday, Nov. 20 and includes: Springfield, East Freeman, Standley, Jennifer, Janet, Julie, Bobby, Brenda, Northside, Valley, Jackson, Mountain, Saunders Heights, Hill, Del Norte, Hanby, St. George, Graham, Lonnie Lane, Monte Vista, Meadowmere, Bryan, Dawn, Lynn, Wren, Pine, Locust, Sycamore and Hickory.

Route 3 will take place from Monday, Nov. 30, through Friday, Dec. 4, and includes: West College, Potter, School, Ferguson, Campbell, Bunch, Miller, Curtis Lane, George, North Main, South Springfield, Perkins, Hogue, Hubbert, Monroe, Carl, Adams, Bunch Springs, West Trimble, Eureka, Academy, West View, Baker, Spring, Doxey, Fancher, Pinkley Lane, West Madison, West Church, Tabor, Gibson, McKennon, Rose, Phillips, Martin, Moris, Cedarvale, Swofford, Atchley, Clark, Huntsville, West Carl, Paradise Heights, Sunset Boulevard and Hank Boulevard.

Route 4 will take place from Monday, Dec. 7, through Friday, Dec. 12, and includes: Shaver, Pritchard, Ada, Caddie, Douglas, Hanna, Jericho, Duke, Smalley, East College, Chafin, Spruce, Laura, Carter Avenue, Amanda, Kristy, Clive, Jessica, Marie, Rhea, Kimberly, East Madison, East Church, Branch, Cain, Elsie, McCloud, Basore, Simpson, East Carl, Hammons, Nelson Drive, Orchard, Rice, Edwards, Carter Street, Hailey, Lone Pine, South Main, Circle Drive, Pleasant, High, Magnolia, Rebecca, Casey Lane, Oak Ridge and Paradise Cove.

Limb pickup is scheduled from Monday, Nov. 23, through Wednesday, Nov. 25. All limbs must be on the curb facing the same direction in manageable bundles the morning of Monday, Nov. 23.

The council's next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 6, at City Hall.

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