Hot water heater starts house fire outside of Oak Grove

Friday, January 24, 2014 ~ Updated 4:38 PM
Score another save for the Oak Grove Fire Department, as firefighters douse the last of the charred, smoldering flooring under the water heater in Gerald Youngblood's home.

CARROLL COUNTY -- The Oak Grove Fire Department was dispatched to the home of Gerald Youngblood, at 8854 Arkansas Highway 103 North, just south of Oak Grove, on Thursday morning around 11:30 for a structure fire.

The Oak Grove Fire Department "batted a thousand" last year, responding to six house fires and saving all six from destruction, and 2014 started the same way, as the firefighters were able to save Youngblood's home.

Youngblood was alerted to problems when he smelled something getting hot, quickly followed by the alarm of the smoke detector. He then called 911, and the fire department's quick response limited the damage to the electric water heater and the closet where it was located.

Mike McKelvey of the Oak Grove Fire Department send there was a hole burned through the charred sub-floor of the closet.

"Much longer, and the house would have [burned to the ground]," McKelvey said.

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