Laverty, State Senate honor Barr, Phillips

Friday, January 4, 2013
State. Sen. Randy Laverty, left, presents Carroll County Judge Sam Barr with a state Senate citation honoring Barr for his leadership and service to the residents of Arkansas and Carroll County.

CARROLL COUNTY -- Carroll County Judge Sam Barr was recently recognized for his years of public service by state Sen. Randy Laverty, who presented the judge with a state Senate citation on Dec. 20.

Barr was born and raised in Carroll County and, after graduating from high school, joined the U.S. Air Force, where he served in Korea as a K-9 handler. After leaving the service, he chose to return to Carroll County, resume farming and start a family.

The judge subsequently worked in various trades, including welding, heavy equipment, saw milling, pipelining, and automotive sales.

In 2008, friends urged Barr to run for county judge. He won the election with 54 percent of the vote and has proudly served the county ever since.

The senator cited the following accomplishments in presenting Barr with the award:

* Completion of 38 road projects left over from the 2008 flooding disaster;

* Construction of a new low water bridge near the Coin community; and

* His decision and efforts to use county road personnel and temporary workers instead of outside contractors to repair county roads after the 2009 ice storm.

Laverty said the latter decision had resulted in huge savings to the county and state. To most, these conditions looked bleak, but by the end of Barr's first term, all of the FEMA projects were completed, and the storm damage had all been cleaned up.

Barr is known as a hard worker, a generous man, a Christian who shares his faith through music, and an administrator who is not afraid to "roll up his sleeves," Laverty said.

The senator also presented a citation to Levi Phillips, who has served more than 35 years with the Carroll County Election Commission and currently presides as Election commissioner. Phillips is also the county chairman of the Democratic Party.

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