Berryville business helps 'set the scene' for the world

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Scene Works owner Randy Allison of Berryville stands next to a framed Boston Sunday Globe article about his handiwork. Photo by David Bell / Carroll County News

BERRYVILLE -- If you are ever in Canada, just north of Detroit, and see a miniature golf course with a 40-foot walk-through pirate ship, know that its "keel was laid" in Berryville, Arkansas.

The master craftsman who built it is Randy Allison, owner of Scene Works in Berryville's Industrial Park.

"The last few years pirates and tropical themes have been popular," he says of his work.

"I had been working for Bob Dillon (not that Bob Dylan) for a couple of years," the Kansas native said. "I partnered with another employee, Randy Rust, and we bought Bob out in 1997," Allison adds. "We changed the name to Scene Works, [though] our first choice was Theme Works. But that was already taken."

A couple of years later Allison bought out Rust and he hasn't looked back.

"What we do here is build themed facades," Allison said. "Most of our clients are in the family entertainment center business."

Scene Works specializes in creating realistic facades and structures for parks, miniature golf courses, and shops with specific themes.

"Last spring we did the City Walk for Universal Studios in Orlando," Allison said. "On Long Island we did a whole family entertainment center that included a miniature golf course, fun house, a haunted house [and other associated buildings.]"

Businesses call on Scene Works because of their ability to do detailed, believable, themed construction and the associated parts of the design. Last week, production employee Ralph Clanney was working on 4-foot bowling pins made out of styrofoam. They will be sent out for coating in hard plastic and then painted, Allison said.

"About half of what we build we also install," Allison said. "The other half is [crated] and sent and they do the installation."

One of the biggest jobs Scene Works has done is the facade for Adventure Suites in North Conway, N.H. It's a huge complex of themed lodging.

"Each room has a different theme," Allison said. "One suite is a motorcycle suite where the guests can pull their bikes in [for the night]."

"We've shipped sets to the UK, Australia, and Croatia, in addition to all over the United States," Allison said.

Besides Clanney, Vicky Quint is the office manager and Rieley Hamilton is in charge of marketing.

So the next time you take a drive on Industrial Park Road and see a pirate ship or castle, take a good look because it will be off to some far-away place soon.

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