K-9 assists in nabbing fleeing suspect

Thursday, July 26, 2012

GREEN FOREST -- The Green Forest Police Department and a K-9 unit from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office cooperated in the arrest of a fleeing man last week.

GFPD Officer Todd Noftsger stopped a vehicle behind the Exxon station at about 10 p.m. on July 17. Moments later, he radioed that he was in foot pursuit of a subject who had fled from the vehicle.

Sheriff's Cpl. D.J. Harlan and Deputy Troy Wenzel responded to the scene. They were advised by Noftsger that the subject had run south from the Exxon station, and had then turned toward Evans Feed, where Noftsger lost sight of the subject.

The officers received a report from dispatch that Thomas W. Spivey, 24, was wanted on a felony warrant from Florida for attempting to run over a police officer.

Harlan then received a phone call from a concerned citizen, who reported seeing someone climbing up the back of a semi trailer at Evans Feed, and the description of the subject tallied with the description given by Noftsger.

The deputies went to Evans Feed, and Wenzel climbed the trailer, where he saw a man lying on top of the trailer.

He ordered the man not to move, but the subject jumped off the trailer and onto the roof of Evans Feed. Wenzel told Harlan which way the man had run, and Harlan retrieved his dog, Tyson, from the vehicle.

Harlan saw the man jump from the building to the ground. He told the man he would release the dog if the man did not stop running, but his orders were ignored.

Once the man saw the dog in pursuit, however, he stopped running and followed order to lie on the ground. The dog watched over him until the deputies caught up and took the man into custody.

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