Letter to the Editor

Holiday Island residents unhappy with article, HISID's response to leak

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
The photo above shows water pooled on the western side of Joyce Lessely's and Clark Hill's property line, and they said it ran the full length of their 170-foot long lot. They contend that HISID allowed an 8-inch pipe that was broken to run for at least several days. Photo submitted

Kathryn Lucariello did an article about the water main breaks, but it ... eluded to the leaks (being) fixed (by HISID) in a timely fashion. That's not true!

My husband called the SID Wednesday, we were told the SID was aware of the leak, but it would take a week to repair. Again he called Thursday and was told the same thing. We went in person to the SID office before noon, and raised he**, only then did they shut off the line.

However, the water was still pouring out along the roadside, and saturating the kurst rock running through our lot throughout the weekend.

This was an 8-inch pipe they allowed to run for over a week. Yet Arkansas is in a serious drought. Some in Newton County have no water. But the SID can let it be wasted, when they knew about it. Then have the audacity to complain about "trip outs" because of the high usage. Gosh, who was negligent!

Our lot is still saturanted and a mud hole, the water ran the full width of our lot that's approximately 170 feet in length. [See photo below.] And we are another 100 feet-plus away from Stateline, where the leak was.

The "shut-off" did not stop the water from flowing, it just caused it to also saturate the cracked roadway eroding the blacktop further.

But they can fix a leak on the golf course within 24 hours.

-- Joyce Lessely & Clark Hill

Holiday Island