Wildflowers free food pantry loses 1,600 pounds of meat as frig fails

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Ann Chambliss has dedicated her life to helping others as a counselor.

She's fought to get grants funded to help those in need from specific abuses and dramatic violence. And she, along with the help of others like Bill Grissom, have made plans to open a facility, Wildflowers Safe Haven, in Eureka Springs for abused women of Carroll County.

The facility is also a thrift store and free food pantry for those in need of its services and funds have been raised by the staff at Wildflowers Ministry to open its doors as soon as possible.

But in the recent days of triple-digit heat, Wildflower experienced the loss of 1,600 pounds of chicken on Friday morning and needs assistance in replacing the loss.

"We got the freezer replaced," Chambliss said. "But we can't replace the meat."

Wildflowers has served over 100 families of four with enough food to get them through one week for the last 19 years.

"We do not want one person to go hungry," Grissom said. "We found our walk-in freezer had gone out and we lost the chicken that was to be given out to hungry people."

The cost to replace the freezer was $1,271 and the food will have to be repurchased, Grissom explained.

"Wildflowers takes in as far as money goes right back out to pay bills and purchase food for the food bank," he said. "As most people know by know, we are going to open a safe house for abused women in Carroll County in the near future. We know that God will get us through this tragedy, but it would be great if our community could get behind us and help."

Grissom said that no money taken in by the facility was used to pay any salaries.

"The folks of Eureka Springs have always been so wonderful to us and also the surrounding towns," he said. "I am proud to say I live here."

Grissom and Chambliss would ask that donations be sent to Wildflowers Ministry 6789 Hwy 62 West, Eureka Springs 72632, and marked for the food bank or safe house.

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