A.L Carter center of summer ball activity

Monday, May 21, 2012
"Run Ivie!" Ivie Bickel, daughter of Jessica Bickel of Berryville takes heed of the advice and takes off for second base. She plays for the Berryville t-ball Cardinals. Photo by Karen Johnson/Special to CCN

BERRYVILLE -- There is much hubbub over Major League Baseball. No doubt. But the big leagues don't hold a candle to little league, Babe Ruth, and peewee baseball. At least in the eyes of parents, grandparents, and of course, the kids.

Want to see shear excitement and play for "love of the game?" Go out to A.L. Carter, or Lake Leatherwood or Green Forest's Field of Dreams and watch the young people playing coach pitch and t-ball.

Even better, go out to the "old ball park" and have supper. Grab a couple of dogs and soft drink and sit back and enjoy a gorgeous Ozarks' spring evening.

"That way." Cardinals coach Kolby Casey points in the direction he wants his son, Karson, to hit the ball off the batting tee­. photo by Karen Johnson/Special to CCN
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