Ginger Oaks to step down as chamber director

Friday, May 18, 2012 ~ Updated 2:05 PM
Berryville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Ginger Oaks.

Ginger Oaks is moving on. But not right away. Oaks who has been the executive director of the Berryville Chamber of Commerce has decided to pursue another opportunity.

"I have loved this job more than any other I have had," said Oaks, "but I have put a lot of thought and prayer into opening a nursery in Carroll County, and I feel God has sent me many signals that tell me this is the time to do it."

Oaks told members of the chamber board that she would continue to work with them through the end of the year if needed. She would be willing to train a replacement. She would step down whenever the chamber was ready with a new candidate or if the funds were no longer available to pay her.

A recent loss of outside funding has put some pressure on the chamber to come up with the funds to pay for the position, and the board has not yet met to decide if the position will be filled by volunteers, full-time or part-time help.

"I really do want to thank the members of the chamber, the city of Berryville and the public for being so wonderful" said Oaks.

Oaks said, "Anyone who knows me, knows I love gardens and plants and sewing and my grand babies. I think "Oaks Plantation Gardens" will give me more time for all those things I love, while bringing new and exciting things to Carroll County's gardens.

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