Buddy's back from wandering adventures

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Butch Finley and his best buddy, Buddy, were reunited last week, thanks to action taken by the Good Shepherd Humane Society (GSHS) animal shelter and a 12-hour trip courtesy of Dan Bennett.

Over the Christmas holiday the three-legged Buddy had been found running loose and ended up in the shelter. He was subsequently adopted out inside the normal waiting period by mistake, which sparked something of a controversy when Finley and others became aware of what had happened.

The 72-year old Finley went before the GSHS board late in January and pleaded for his dog to be returned. After originally refusing to return the dog, Buddy's new family eventually agreed to let GSHS pick him up and bring another dog in his place.

Last week, Buddy was returned to his owner and his home of 11 years.

"I'm joyful and as happy as I can be," Finley told the Citizen.

Finley and his wife waited up for Buddy.

"He got here about 12:30 or 1 a.m.," Finley said. "That Dan Bennett did a heck of a good thing.

"When I saw Buddy coming, I wagged my tail and so did he. As soon as he got out he did the circle dance and jumped up and down. Then he ran all around his perimeter and came back and did the circle dance and jumped all over again. Our little dog, Shorty, responded with great enthusiasm and joy, too.

"Then I brought him in and we played ball for a while.

"My wife, Cindy, had left all the Christmas decorations up for him, so we had Christmas again. He got a few toys and special treats."

Finley holds no grudge against the shelter.

"I can't say I wasn't angry," Finley admitted, "but the Good Shepherd does too many good things to be negative about it. I hate for anybody to be punished or lose their job over it."

Meanwhile, is Buddy wearing a collar and tag these days?

"You bet! That's the first thing I did," Finley said.

Then he had to go. His buddy, Buddy, was out in the truck waiting for him -- back to what Finley called "his normal, good self."

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