Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor - Hostile takeover? Been there, done that

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Editor,

I was interested to see that when Carroll Electric Cooperative (CECC) recently tried to justify keeping Marcie Brewster off the ballot for the board of directors despite more than 1,000 signatures of members nominating her, CECC said they make it so difficult for someone to get on the ballot because they fear a "hostile takeover."

I find that ironic because CECC has already experienced a "hostile takeover." It has been subject to a "hostile takeover" by a board of directors that is hostile to democratic principles, hostile to allowing members to attend board meetings, and is hostile to the environment, water quality and human health by choosing to spray many tons of toxic herbicides on privately owned property on electric right-of-ways in an area where the karst geology allows anything sprayed on the surface to contaminate drinking water supplies.

I helped gather signatures for the petition to nominate Marcie, and found that some people drove into town just to sign the petition. One even made a special trip down from Missouri. Many members told me of unhappy experiences on their right-of-ways with CECC. People have noticed that when they get a ballot, it isn't really an election because there is only one candidate -- hand-selected by the current board and CEO Rob Boaz.

The one candidate ballot system is what people get in communist countries. Don't we deserve better in supposedly democratic America?

Please contact the following members of the board of directors, and ask them to take a step towards democracy by making requirements for nominating board members more reasonable. One of the largest electric co-ops in the nation only requires 100 signatures. But 1,000 CECC members nominate someone and she isn't allowed to run?

Carroll Electric Board of Directors Contact Information:

District 1 (2017): David Glass, Pres. Liberty Bank of Siloam Springs, 318 E. Main St., Siloam Springs AR 72761, (479) 524-8101.

District 2 (2011): J. Neff Basore, Cooper Communities, Inc., 903 N 47th St., Rogers, AR 72756, (479) 246-6500, 800-648-6401

District 3 (2015): Joe Spivey, Pres. Liberty Bank of Rogers; mail to: 90 Rivercliff Rd, Rogers, AR 72756-8206, (479) 925-1425

District 4 (2016): Kristy (Noble) Estrem, Director, president, St. John's Hospital, 214 Carter St., Berryville 72616, (870( 423-5255

District 5 (2014): Alan Hunnicutt, Vice-Chairman, RR 3, Berryville, AR 72616, (870) 423-2747

District 6 (2011): Carla Hathorn, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent, 301 Church Ave, Huntsville, AR, 72740. Phone: (479) 738-6916

District 7 (2012): Randy Shinn, 504 Madison St, Huntsville, AR 72740, (479) 738-6346

District 8 (2015): Charles Burdine, Chairman, 0 Hc #72, Vendor, AR 72683, (870) 434-5592

District 9 (2013): Winfred Prier, Secretary-Treasurer (Contact info: Owner, Golden Pioneer Museum, Jct Hwy 86 and J St, Golden, MO (417) 271-3300 or if no answer, call (417) 217-3299 E-Mail: golden@mo-net.com.

Becky Gillette

Eureka Springs